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Babies are not included in the stated maximum for Glenview, please note that a cot is not provided as standard but we will do our best to obtain one for your stay if requested, however this cannot be guaranteed.

The DVD player installed in Glenview can play normal DVDs, CDs and MP3s.
We have also included some DVDs for your entertainment.

There is also a stereo radio with iPod dock facility

Sky FreeSat Digital TV is installed for your added entertainment, however, only restricted channels are available.
If you have Sky at home, then you are more than welcome to bring your own viewing card but we cannot guarantee that all channels you enjoy at home will be available.

In November 2009, the law regarding fire prevention for holiday letting accommodation changed.
This means that each establishment has to carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment.
This assessment has been carried out for Glenview Cottage which has resulted in us having to prohibit the use of candles, and any naked flame in the cottage.
We are sure that you understand and will assist us in this.

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As you will know Scotland is famous for its midge population. These are usually active between approximately mid May to mid September but can occur at any other time depending on the weather.
We would advise you to bring an insect repellent such as Avon Skin-So-Soft or a general purpose insect repellent or a physical method such as a midge hat.

If bringing a pet, we would also advise that you contact your vet prior to your holiday and talk to them about protection for your pet, such as FRONTLINE Spot On, from Ixodes ricinus better known as the sheep or deer tick. Ticks which can be picked up in rural areas and public parks even your own garden - but particually where sheep and deer are or have been recently.

Ticks will also attach themselves to humans so wearing of sensible shoes and trousers is advised but will not, in itself, prevent ticks from attaching themselves.

There are more details available in Glenview Cottage.

General Information
As you will be aware, Glenview Cottage has been strictly non-smoking for a few years.

The law regarding smoking in enclosed public places in Scotland changed from 26th March 2006. It is now against the law to smoke within pubs, restaurants, cafes, clubs and all enclosed public areas of hotels, boarding houses, guest houses, inns and hostels such as bars, lounges, restaurants, reception and lobby areas, etc.
The new legislation is intended to protect people from the harmful effects of passive smoking.

The tartan background is McInnes which is Elspeth's maternal clan

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