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Scotland has some of the largest areas of dark sky in Europe. Dark skies are found in rural areas that are free of urban light pollution. From a city centre location we might see fewer than 100 stars with our naked eyes. Under a dark sky we can see over 1,000 stars. We can even see our own galaxy, The Milky Way, stretching across the sky.

Check the light map of the UK, on the right above, and note that Achmore is in one of the least light polluted parts of the UK which makes it an ideal location for viewing many 1,000's of stars not visible even with a telescope in other parts of the UK.

So if you are a keen amateur astronomer or just want a new experience of viewing the real night sky, join us some time this year at Glenview Cottage.

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Phillip’s publishes a Dark Sky Map of Britain and Ireland.

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